Add licenses to your clusters using PX-Central on-premises

Your PX-Central on-premises deployment includes a highly-available license server and backup server by default. From PX-Central, you can add and manage licenses for any attached Portworx clusters.


  • A valid Portworx license to add.
  • Add at least one Portworx cluster to PX-Central.

Add a license to PX-Central

  1. From the PX-Central landing page, select the License icon to navigate to the License Entitlements page.

    Select the license icon

  2. Select the Licenses link to go to the license management page.

    Select the licenses link

  3. Select the Import License button.

    Select the import license button

    By default, the License Key option is selected in the Add License window.

  4. Paste your license key into the License Key text field or upload it from a file, and then select the Import License button to add your license:

    Add your license

  5. (Optional) To add licenses using a license file, choose File -> select the Browse button to upload a file, and click Import License.

    Upload license key file

All your licenses appear in the Licenses page:

Licenses page

Assign existing license server to your cluster

PX-Central enables you to assign an existing license on your license server to a cluster. To assign a license to the cluster:

  1. Navigate to the Lighthouse -> cluster details page, select the vertical menu icon on your cluster and select Set License Server.

    Cluster menu set license server option

    The Assign License Server window displays all existing licenses.

  2. Select licenses other than the (Default) selected, and click Submit.

    Assign license server window

PX-Central displays a confirmation message that the license server is changed on Portworx to the assigned license, and the cluster appears on the Clients page:

Cluster clients page

You can click the + icon to view all nodes in a cluster and their details.

Last edited: Thursday, Oct 7, 2021